• Drug Related Matters

    Simple Possession to Intent to sell or Supply

Drug matters

Holmes Criminal Lawyers can represent you in all types of drug related matters, from simple possession through to trafficking of prohibited substances.

In any allegation involving the possession of a prohibited substance, the elements of the offence must be given careful consideration. Possession can be a live issue at trial, what amounts to possession of a prohibited substance needs careful consideration.

A conviction for trafficking of a prohibited drug can have significant consequences. An application can be made to seize all of your assets, even if you can prove they had been legitimately obtained.

Serious drug related matters are usually multifaceted, complex and require significant investigation as to the facts.

If you have been charged with a drug offence, contact Holmes Criminal Lawyers to ensure that you have the benefit of legal advice before deciding your course of action.

Holmes Criminal Lawyers have negotiated the downgrading of charges from possession with an intent to sell or supply to simple possession, significantly reducing the penalty and avoiding the seizure of assets.

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