• Electrical Regulation Prosecutions

Electrical Regulation Prosecutions

Are you an electrician or electrical contractor that have been charged with an offence? Energy Safety or Department of Commerce may be involved in a prosecution under the Regulations.

One thing you may not know is that Paul Holmes is also a fully licensed A Grade electrician, making it a perfect combination to defend any prosecution.

One of the biggest issues faced by electricians when negotiating a prosecution, is having their lawyer understand the practical implications and idiosyncrasies of electrical installation. What can often get ‘lost in translation’ is the critical element for the prosecution and can often determine whether the prosecution even continues.

Some matters can be negotiated and resolved without proceeding to a prosecution, having trade certified technical knowledge and extensive legal skills provides an excellent foundation for successful negotiations.

Single insulation above the Gyproc, left out the M.E.N, Incomplete test results? Don’t risk excessive fines or the suspension/cancellation of your license, contact us today to discuss any matters.

Electrical prosecutions can be damaging to your financial position and your reputation. Don’t go it alone, seek legal advice to ensure your legal rights are preserved.

The legislation can be found here: Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991

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