• Serious Assaults

    Assault occasioning bodily harm to Grievous Bodily Harm.

A serious assault can be an assault occasioning bodily harm

A serious assault can be an assault occasioning bodily harm, an act endangering life (with or without the element of intent) or grievous bodily harm.

The difference between these types of offences is the allegation in relation to the harm caused.

A statement of material facts will normally set out the allegation against the accused, but for serious assaults the harm in most instances has to be prescribed according to law.

There could be numerous defences available to you including but not limited to self defence, provocation, defence of another or an unwieldy act.

Paul Holmes who practices solely in Criminal law has a particular interest in defences, having written his Honours thesis on provocation.

The consequences of a conviction of a serious assault especially in relation to grievous bodily harm can be significant including an immediate custodial term.
It is in your interest to have a properly considered legal opinion before deciding how to progress with an allegation of a serious assault.

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