• Extraordinary License Applications

    Where a driver’s license is required for employment. medical condition or due to a remote location.

If you need your license for work

If you need your license for work, a medical condition or for a range of prescribed circumstances, an extraordinary driver’s license may allow you to drive in certain circumstances.

An extraordinary driver’s licence is available where you have been suspended from driving by a court. Extraordinary driver’s license’s will not be granted where you have lost your license for the demerit points.

The double or nothing good behaviour system has been introduced to allow a person who has accumulated excess to merit points to enter into a good behaviour.

An application for an extraordinary driver’s license has to be carefully considered, an application that fails prevents a person from applying for another license for six months.

Even if you have been convicted of numerous no authority to drive offences, an application for a extraordinary driver’s license can still be made with supporting evidence.

Contact our office to discuss your application, our representation including filing fees is normally around $2100.00.

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